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Seasons of Life

by Sarah Kruger, LCSW
Behavioral Health Consultant

Family Health Care Centers Mental Health Seasons of Life

What is a season of life? Season indicates change, the temporary nature of things. Trusting the seasons, the ebbs and flows of life. Seasons can be celebration, healing, chasing goals, adjusting, thriving, loving, flourishing, nesting, grounding, and seasons can be turbulent, uncertain, struggle, mourning, dark, depression, drowning. 

Some seasons feel off, some seasons feel on, other times it’s hard to define, sometimes there are no words. Trust and welcome it all. You are always growing even when you feel stuck. 

Feel the mornings when it’s hard to wake up and you question everything, regret past decisions, sit heavy with shame, grief, and disappointment. Feel the mornings when you wake up full of gratitude, heart full, life seems zesty and you feel enthusiastic and optimistic. 

Trust whatever you are going through you can endure, either staying still until the muck clears or taking action and ownership toward change. Seasons come and go, trust and welcome it all. Each season breathes new energy, new light, and clarity. We are always evolving.